Dancing with Dean

IHBL: A Hip Hop routine
         And a Cha Cha routine          
So What?
        I really enjoyed learning new moves and collaborating with the whole hub 5.
        My favorite dance move was the Charleston and Robot!
    I enjoyed performing in front of the parents and trying my best in everything.
Now what?

        I would like to learn a jazz routine.


I have been learning to solve subtraction problems by using equal additions from a tidy number 

So What?
I have learned that when you have an equation like 73 - 28  = you can either add the same number to both sides, or you can subtract the same number from both sides. .

Now What?
My next step is to use this strategy independently
My next step is to use this strategy with larger numbers


 My goal is knowing when to start a new paragraph and the starters are:
New Speaker. 
New Topic or Idea.
New Time.
New place.

So What?
I have learnt to do a paragraph properly and correctly at the right time.

Now What? 
My next step is to write a full story using paragraphs and punctuation at the right time.  


What? I am learning about the literacy program.

So What? My reading teacher is Mr Forman. My current reading goal is to learn strategies to work out the meaning of unfamilar words.
My Writing teacher is Mr Forman
My SML teacher is Mrs Marsh

Now What? My next step is to do my reading response better, and describe my characters better.

Te Reo Maori

We have been learning language about Ko Au which means me myself and I.
So what?
Something I have learnt to say is : mum and dad (mama and papa) and grandma (ruau).
Now what?
My next step is learning harder words like great great grandma and grandpa.


W.A.L.T: to jump over the 75 centimetre bar

I learned to do a scissors jump over the high jump bar.

here is a example of my learning
I used a scissor jump over the bar and I started on the right side of my leg

Next time I will try jump over a metre bar

Term 3 Maths - Rounding Numbers

W.A.L.T: round each number to the nearest ten and/or hundred

I learned to round the number up or down.

Here is a sample of my learning.
12 > 10
39 >40
145 > 150
404 >400

Next time I will round each number to the nearest 1 000.

Visual Art Term 2\3

W.A.L.T: To create a mosaic picture using pastel, Indian ink and chalk.

I learned to break my picture up into pieces with chalk.

Here is a sample of my learning
I drew a fish and I made it nice and colorful and I made it it pop. I also broke my picture into pieces using chalk.

Next time I will make my picture darker and make my chalk line thicker.

Te Reo.

WALT: Introduce ourselves in Te Reo.

I learned to introduce myself in Te Reo.

I achieved my goal because i learned to do my mihi of by heart.

Next time I will introduce my sister and parents.

E waru aku tau.
Ko libby toku ingoa
Ko waimakariri te awa
Ko Gillian toku mama
Ko Matthew toku papa